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Methyl Methacylate Acrylic Resin Floor Coatings & Screeds

MMA resin floors are fast curing products which can be applied as a coating or screed. They are an excellent choice for projects which can afford little downtime as the product can be fully serviceable within 2 hours after application. The product  is available in a range of colours and finish types from a flake to quartz systems.

MMA is an excellent choice for wet and dry processing areas, offering high levels of chemical resistance and durability. The seamless finish provides a hygienic floor preventing bacteria build up within cracks or grout lines proving ideal for all types of industry.


  • Suitable for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Environments
  • Fast Track Installation
  • Long Lasting
  • Hard Wearing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Decorative
  • Selection of Colours
  • Multi-functional
  • Anti-slip (if required)
  • Anti-static (if required)
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Cleanable

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