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Floor preparation is key to a successful flooring installation and must be carried out using the appropriate equipment. Our floors are prepared in various ways dependant on floor condition and materials to be applied.

Our preparation process can be carried out via diamond grinding, floor scabbler or mechanical shot blasting with all works carried out using our dustless system.

Diamond Grinding System

Diamond Grinding is a method used for smaller projects where shotblasting would not be cost effective and access is not possible with the equipment. It removes any surface laitance and contamination and provides a key for the new application.

Shotblasting System

Shotblasting is recognised as the industry standard and is recommended for large flooring areas. It removes previous failed coatings and leaves the floor contamination free all in one process.

Floor Scabbling System

Floor scabbling is an aggressive form of floor preparation which is used to provide a strong key on floors where Diamond Grinding and Shotblasting would not be sufficient. Due to the aggressive finish of the floor a coating system would not be suitable following the preparation works.

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